Feeling, Acting, Knowing

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

Bro. Prestwich, an instructor for the BYU Idaho Pathway Book of Mormon class, presented a video this week that he had made concerning the book of Enos. In the video, Bro. Prestwich asked a question, “Can you change your feelings, and if you can, how?” He states that Enos tells us, after explaining about his father who nurtured and admonished him in the Lord, how apparently he was feeling some sort of guilt as he remembered the words of his father and how he allowed those feelings to sink deep into his heart. (Enos 1:3) Next Bro. Prestwich explains that those feelings caused Enos to act by kneeling down in prayer and in mighty supplication unto the Lord. (vs. 4) Once Enos felt what he needed to feel, and acted as he needed to act, the Lord spoke to him, and he came to know what he needed to know, which was that he was going to be ok. (vs. 5, 6)

Once Enos knew this, he began to have feelings for his family, the Nephites. He again acted by pouring out his soul before the Lord. (vs. 9) Once again after feeling what he needed to feel and acting as he needed to act, the Lord spoke to him and he knew what he needed to know. (vs. 10)

This pattern is repeated as he then began to feel feelings for his brothers, the Lamanites. (vs. 11) The feelings caused Enos to act and to know. (vs. 12)

Bro. Prestwich explained that this pattern repeats itself throughout the scriptures, and that by following this pattern we become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ.

It was interesting because shortly after viewing this video, I got to apply the lessons I learned in a real world situation. After I had felt what I needed to feel, and acted as I needed to act, the Lord did indeed respond with a miracle and with the help that I needed.

I can testify that as we follow this pattern of feeling and then of acting by going to the Lord in mighty supplication and prayer, the Lord will respond to any righteous petition we present before him, and we will know what we need to know. In D&C 6:36, the Lord commands us to look to him in every thought. As we fulfill this commandment, we in essence also fulfill Christ’s commandment of John 15:4, which is to abide in him. It is my prayer that as we go through the day feeling our feelings, we should never forget to act and to turn to the Lord in every thought.

As we become more dependent upon him, we will become more like him. Of this I testify, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Bro. Craig Fujisue

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