Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I really don’t know if I could do such heavy reading.

A: Believe it or not, it is not heavy. We truly feel that this guide was inspired by the Lord to help His people learn and study His word without the feeling of heaviness and burden that normally would accompany the task of reading such voluminous material. In every case, without exception, people were surprised at how easy (and joyful) reading the entire Standard Works was. Because the Guide breaks up your reading into bite-size sections, it is very easy to fit them into even the busiest of schedules. Please check out our Suggested Study Tips for even more ways to make the burden lighter.

Q: Do you offer an electronic version of the guide?

A: Unfortunately, we do not offer an electronic version of the guide at this time. The reason being is that we are currently unsure as to how to handle the problem of the checkboxes. The Scripture Guide is meant to keep track of the individual sections as they are read. If we were to offer the guide in pdf format, Adobe Acrobat checkboxes check as you click or tap on them, and uncheck if you click or tap on them again. In this way, digital media is very volatile. You could easily uncheck several boxes without you even realizing it, thereby losing track of your studies.